Baldwin BF7786-D (Collar Lock) Fuel Filter

Microlite Fuel Filter

Baldwin BF7786-D (Collar Lock) Fuel Filter

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Descriptions:Secondary Fuel/Water Separator Element with Drain
Notes:Tab/Keys are not needed for installation.
Fits:John Deere Equipment
Replaces:John Deere RE509032
O.D.:3 9/32 (83.3)
I.D.:21/32 (16.7) One End
Length:7 5/8 (193.7)
Grommets:[1] Attached


JOHN DEEREDozers, Motor Graders670D; 672D670D, 672D Motor Graders w/6068H PowerTech Eng.
JOHN DEEREDozers, Motor Graders750J Series750J Series Dozers w/6068H Eng.
JOHN DEEREExcavators120D120D w/4045H PowerTech Eng.
JOHN DEEREExcavators200C LC200C LC w/6068H Eng.
JOHN DEEREExcavators230C LC230C LC w/6068H Eng.
JOHN DEEREForestry Equipment2054 Logger2054 Logger w/6068T Eng.
JOHN DEEREForestry Equipment643J643J Feller Buncher w/6068H PowerTech Eng.
JOHN DEEREForestry Equipment643K643K Feller Buncher w/6068H PowerTech Eng.
JOHN DEEREForestry Equipment843J843J w/6068H PowerTech Eng.
JOHN DEEREForestry Equipment843K843K Feller Buncher w/6068H PowerTech Eng.
JOHN DEEREGenerators, Industrial Engines, Power Units4045DT; 4045HDW; 4045TF; 4045TTPowerTech 4045DT, 4045HDW, 4045TF, 4045TT (4.5L) (Tier 2)
JOHN DEEREGenerators, Industrial Engines, Power UnitsPowerTech 6.8LPowerTech E 6.8L (Tier 3)
JOHN DEEREHarvesters9550 Series9550, 9550 SH Combines w/6068 PowerTech Eng.
JOHN DEEREHarvesters9560 WTS; 9560i WTS9560 WTS, 9560i WTS w/6068HZ, 6081HZ Engs. (To S/N 80016)
JOHN DEEREHarvesters9560; 9560SH9560, 9560 SH Combines w/6068H Eng.
JOHN DEERELoaders, Etc.444J444J w/PowerTech 4045H Eng. (To S/N 611275)
JOHN DEERELoaders, Etc.540G Skidder540G Series III Cable Skidder w/6068 Series Engs.
JOHN DEERELoaders, Etc.544J544J w/PowerTech 6068H Eng. (To S/N 611800)
JOHN DEERELoaders, Etc.548G548G Series III Grapple Skidder w/6068H Eng.
JOHN DEERELoaders, Etc.624J624J w/PowerTech 6068H Eng. (To S/N 611797)
JOHN DEERELoaders, Etc.640G640G Series III Cable Skidder w/6068 Series Engs.
JOHN DEERELoaders, Etc.648G648G Series III Grapple Skidder w/6068 Series Engs.
JOHN DEERELoaders, Etc.655C Crawler Loader655C, 655C Series II Crawler Loaders w/Liebherr D924T Eng.
JOHN DEERELoaders, Etc.710J710J Backhoe/Loader w/PowerTech 6068T Eng.
JOHN DEERESprayers47204720 w/6068 PowerTech Eng.
JOHN DEERETractors68206820 w/6068 Series Eng.
JOHN DEERETractors6920; 6920S6920, 6920S w/6068 Series Eng.
JOHN DEERETractors72207220 w/6068T Eng.
JOHN DEERETractors73207320 w/6068T Eng.
JOHN DEERETractors74207420 w/6068 Series Eng.
JOHN DEERETractors75207520 w/6068 PowerTech Eng.
JOHN DEERETractors77157715 w/6068H PowerTech Eng
JOHN DEERETractors77207720 w/6068 PowerTech Eng.
JOHN DEERETractors78157815 w/6068 PowerTech Eng
JOHN DEERETractors78207820 w/6068 PowerTech Eng.
LIEBHERRCrawler TractorsPR712; PR712BPR712, PR712B w/D924T Eng.
LIEBHERRCrawler TractorsPR722; PR722BPR722, PR722B w/D924T Eng.
LIEBHERRDozers, LoadersL538L538 w/D924 Eng.
LIEBHERRDozers, LoadersLR622; LR622MLR622, LR622M w/D924T Eng.
LIEBHERRExcavatorsA904A904 w/D924T-E Eng.
LIEBHERRExcavatorsA914 LitronicA914 Litronic w/D924T-E Eng.
LIEBHERRExcavatorsA924; R924A924, R924 w/D924 Series Engs.
LIEBHERRExcavatorsR904; R904 LiR904, R904 Li w/D924T-E Eng.
LIEBHERRExcavatorsR914 LitronicR914 Litronic w/D924T-E Eng.


Baldwin BF7786D, BF7786-D

Donaldson: P550666, P550667, P550773, P550914

Fleetguard: FS19865

Fram: PS10856

FIN FF30220, FIN-FF30220, FST35612, FST-35612,

John Deere: AT274723, RE509032, 

Liebherr 7382111

Mann and Hummel WK8144, WK8145

Napa 3648

Stanadyne 35005, 35369, 35612

Wix 33648, 533648



Online Filters supply quality product sourced from reputable distributors and manufacturers, we do not supply own branded products of unknown origin. Our initial source is Baldwin because of their Technical Information, Competitive Pricing, Quality, Service, Availability and 25 years’ worth of experience. If we are unable to supply a Baldwin filter then our other sourcing is from Fleetguard, Mann and Donaldson.

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