Hydraulic/Transmission Filters

We stock a wide range of Hydraulic/Transmission (Hyd/Trans) Filters for Agricultural Tractors, Off Road Vehicles & other machines. Included in the hydraulic/transmission filters we stock are cartridge filters, round cartridge filters, O-ring filter and spin on filters.

What is a hydraulic filter?

Hydraulic filters play a very important part in the functioning of your machine as it allows your hydraulic fluid to remain clean by filtering out dirt, debris and particles preventing them from reaching your hydraulic fluid. Contamination occurs over time as parts and components wear, such as seals. Hydraulic filters hold these contaminants, dirt and debris, to ensure that nothing enters the system. In order to maintain the health and longevity of your machine or vehicle, all filters including the hydraulic filter should be changed frequently to prevent the contamination of the oils and fluids in your machinery. As well as transferring power from the hydraulic power unit, hydraulic filters help to ensure everything remains sufficiently lubricated and healthy. Without it, the system would work nowhere near as well as it should.

When to change a hydraulic filter

Slow performance and abnormal noises are common when a filter needs changing or is allowing contaminants in, and this could cause issues. Many manufacturers recommend hours of service or miles as a measurement for changing filters, while some people change them when the space for storing debris and dirt allows nothing else to be held. The other option, is pressure testing the system, which can allow you to see if the filter needs changing.

We supply the leading brands in Agricultural Hydraulic & Transmission Filters, including Baldwin Filters, Donaldson, Fleetguard & Mann Filters. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch using our contact page.

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