Coolant Filters

Coolant Filters from the UK’s trusted supplier of filters

Here at Online Filters, we stock a wide range of Baldwin Coolant Filters for Agricultural Vehicles.

What does a coolant filter do?

Your coolant system needs to have balance in order for it to function fully, and do what it needs to do. In order to achieve this, you can utilise a coolant filter. As with other filters, a they prevent contaminants, particles or debris from entering the coolant system of your machine. In order to have an engine that runs smoothly and efficiently, you must look after your coolant system. Maximise your fuel economy, lubricate the water pump and maintain your engine temperature by utilising the correct coolant filter. Coolant filters work by preventing deposits in the cooling system.

What is a coolant filter? 

Coolant Filters are used on most diesel engines. They help to maintain proper heat transfer in the engine by filtering out any contaminants from the coolant. Regulating engine temperature is important for the health longevity of your vehicle.

We supply the leading brands in Coolant Filters, including Baldwin Filters. Baldwin’s Spin On Filters provide anti-freeze protection and are the highest quality for use in your machine.

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