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Panel/Cab Filters – The best filters for keeping your air clean

When your equipment needs a replacement air filter, it’s important to get the right filter for your machine. Some machines use a panel Air Filter, otherwise known as a cab filter, or a Pollen Filter. At Online Filters we have a great range of the highest quality cab filters.

What is a Cab/Pollen Filter? 

The cabin air filter is responsible for the filtration of the air that is fed into the vehicle’s heating and air conditioning systems. Air Filters are a significant piece of the filtration system that protects, and helps with the smooth operation of your equipment. In this instance, they help with the cleanliness of the area entering the cab of your agricultural equipment. They help to filter out debris and contaminants carried through the air. If your machine utilises a cab or pollen filter, then view our selection below.

In the event that you aren’t sure what cab filter (Or any other filters) that you require for your machine, or are searching for somewhat more assistance, at that point then get in touch using our contact page.

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