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Air Filter Inners – Keeping your equipment’s system clean

When your equipment needs a replacement air filter, it may need an inner as the outer can be clean or reused. For that, we have a great selection of Air Filter Cartridge Inners available for a variety of machines.

What does an air filter do?

Air Filters are a significant piece of the filtration system inside your valued equipment, as they help to filter out debris and contaminants carried through the air. These contaminants could create issues in the running of your equipment due to pollution within. If your vehicle isn’t running very well, consider checking your filters. The world of filters can get a bit overwhelming if you aren’t familiar. To help you, we provide all OEM part numbers to cross-reference, as well as applications for the particular filter

You may not need to change the entire Air Filter, and can just change the Filter Cartridge Inner when it becomes too dirty. This can be done when the outer is still in good enough condition for use.

In the event that you aren’t sure what air filter cartridge inner (Or whatever other filters) that you require for your machine, or are searching for somewhat more assistance, at that point please connect utilizing our contact page.


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